Calibration Services

LEC Solutions now offers Calibration Services nationwide. Overnight service is available.

LEC Solutions will test your instruments to the appropriate gases specific to your device and manufacturer enabling us to verify that you and your staff remain safe.

LEC Solutions completes rigorous testing on all sensors which will verify that your instruments are responding to the hazards of your working environment.

Routine calibration is imperative to maintaining the highest level of safety for your workforce.

**Note - Many organizations require third party calibration quarterly, twice per year, or yearly. We can complete this task for you at a reasonable price.

How Can We Help

LEC Solutions offers in-house calibration services as well as repair for many types of portable gas detectors.

Our area of specialty lies with GasClip Technologies, Industrial Scientific, RKI and Cosmos manufacturers and many others. LEC Solutions professional technicians will ensure that all devices are cleaned, calibrated, and serviced to the manufacturer's’ specifications and will take care of any warranty work you may be entitled too.

You will be provided with ongoing communication throughout the process and a detailed calibration certificate to remain in compliance.

LEC Solutions is user friendly and facilitates all shipping to and from your location. We provide all shipping labels and schedule all pickups and deliveries. Zero hassles.

Our goal is to minimize downtime by providing efficient time sensitive services.

Please call today 412.329.8367 or email us at to keep your instrumentation in peak condition and your workforce safe in the field.